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Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)?

You can get an ECA at any of the designated organizations listed below. We only accept assessments from these organizations.
When they assess your education, they will give you a report that tells you what your education is equal to in Canada.
We only accept assessments issued on or after the date the organizations were designated to do ECA reports for immigration purposes. If you got a report before that date, contact the organization to see if they’ll re-issue it.

Assessment of most foreign education

You must use an organization on our list. If an organization isn’t on this list, we will not accept assessments from them.
• Comparative Education Service: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
-> designated April 17, 2013
• International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
-> designated April 17, 2013
• World Education Services
-> designated April 17, 2013
• International Qualifications Assessment Service
-> designated August 6, 2015
• International Credential Evaluation Service
-> designated August 6, 2015
If you aren’t sure which organization to choose, contact them.

Assessment for specialist and family physicians

You must get your report from the Medical Council of Canada (designated April 17, 2013) if your primary occupation is:
• specialist physician
-> 2016 NOC code 3111
• general practitioner/family physician
-> 2016 NOC code 3112

Assessment for pharmacists

If you are a pharmacist (NOC code 3131), where you need to get your report depends on your job.
If you need a license to practice you must get your report from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (designated January 6, 2014). This applies to you if you care for patients in a:
• hospital pharmacy
• long term care facility
• community pharmacy
If you do not need a license for your job, you can get your assessment from any other designated ECA organization. This includes jobs where you may need a pharmacy degree but may not need to have a licence to practice, such as:
• government
• the pharmaceutical industry
Contact the regulatory body in the province where you plan to live to find out if you need a licence to practice.


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