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IRCC reduces Express Entry permanent residence application deadline to 60 days

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Receiving an ITA after June 26, 2018

1. Submit a complete online application for permanent residence including providing all supporting documentation up front.
2. Decline the ITA in their online account.

For candidates who do not respond to the ITA by taking one of the steps mentioned above, the ITA will expire and the candidate's profile will be removed from the Express Entry pool. To re-enter the pool, the candidate must submit a new Express Entry profile to IRCC. On June 20th, World Refugee Day, the Canadian government announced a new pilot project to help newcomers find jobs in the country. The project targets specific regions and its goal is to help people get jobs in the hotel industry.


The program is called the Employing Newcomers in Canadian Hotels pilot, and it is set to start out in a few different cities across the country. The Canadian government designed it to match immigrants with unfilled positions in hotels.


The tourism and hotel industries are incredibly important to the Canadian economy. Therefore, keeping jobs filled is crucial. Additionally, many immigrants in the country are looking for opportunities to gain Canadian work experience.
The pilot program is going to help up to 1300 newcomers. Besides work experience, the government also says that the program is an opportunity for newcomers to hone their language skills.


However, this is not the only option for finding a job in Canada. The Canadian immigration system has plenty of programs that can help anyone find an employer who is looking to hire!
One example is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. This is an employer driven program that helps connect potential immigrants to employers who need to fill positions in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Once a designated employer finds a candidate to fill a job opening, that candidate can apply for permanent residency!
If you are applying to immigrate to Canada through one of the Express Entrystreams, a job offer from a Canadian employer can give your rank in the Express Entry pool a helpful boost. Employers can advertise job openings for which they cannot find a Canadian employee in the Express Entry job bank.
A Canadian job offer can make immigrating to Canada a lot easier. If you have a Canadian job offer and are already authorized to work in Canada, then you do not need to provide proof of funds when you apply for an Express Entry Stream. The Canadian Experience Class stream does not require proof of funds, so having Canadian work experience is also a bonus. Luckily, the Canadian government seems to be willing to continue making it easier for potential immigrants and newcomers to get jobs and job offers here in Canada!