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Landing in Canada as a Permanent Resident

Congratulations, you have received your Confirmation of Permanent Residency and can now land in Canada as a permanent resident! What does this mean though? What can you expect at the border. Here is a brief overview of the next steps.

The Border

You must enter Canada within the validity of your permanent resident visa (COPR). This cannot be extended. The validity date is connected to the expiry date of the medical examination results as well as to the validity of your passport.
If you are in Canada already, you can exit the Canada-USA border and re-enter, showing the border officer your Confirmation of Permanent Residency and supporting documentation. Or you can request an appointment at a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office. If you are outside of Canada, you will land at the airport and present your Confirmation of Permanent Residency to the officer. The principal applicant must land first. If family members are part of the application and were approved for permanent residency, they can land at the same time as the principal applicant or land at a later date, but not before the principal applicant.
When you are the border, you will show the officer your Confirmation of Permanent Residency and supporting documents outlined below. The officer will ask you some standard questions. If he is satisfied that you are still eligible for permanent residency, he will grant you permanent residency status.

Permanent Resident Card

The officer will ask for a Canadian mailing address to mail you your initial permanent resident card. There is no fee. The permanent resident card takes 2-3 months to receive and will be sent to the Canadian address. If you do not have an address in Canada yet, you can use a friend, family or your representative’s address. It can then be couriered to you since you will want the card for the next time you travel to Canada.


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