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Immigration Visa Processing Time under Various Systems

As stated earlier, the immigration time and visa processing duration varies greatly based on the channel or stream which you are applying through. The following is a general overview of the time taken by each of the most popular immigration streams in Canada:
• Express Entry System: Right from the introduction of the ExpressEntry system, the IRCC has touted its processing time to be among the shortest in all the world. At present the verification process stands at 6 months. However, this is only for the swiftest of cases and one should assume that the verification is going to take upwards of 9 moths to be certain.
• Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): The QSWP has a separate entry process than all the PNPs and the federal entry program. Since its process is different, its visa processing time also varies significantly. Currently the average time taken to issue PR visa by Quebec is between 11-12 months.
• PNP (Provincial Nominee Program):The process of PNP immigration is just like the Express Entry immigration process. However, the verification time taken by the PNPs is slightly longer than the Express Entry program at upwards of 12 months


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